Melbourne Gaymers

A group for queer gamers (and friends, allies, etc.) in Melbourne. One of the few places where both gayness and geekiness are not only welcome, but encouraged.

We hold meetups on a regular basis in the city and around Melbourne. Check out our Events on Facebook for details on what we’re doing in the near future. There’s usually a scheduled social/tabletop meetup every month. Other events, such as gaming nights, are run whenever we can organise one.

Feel free to post your ideas for meetups, or about anything you’re going to or involved with that you’d like others to know about.


We’re always growing, and everyone who wants to be a part of our little community is welcome to. So let your friends know about us, too

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The Facebook group requires approval to join, but we’re a quick turnaround on requests, so jump on and say ‘Hi!’. If you think your request has been mistakenly denied as spam, please message our Facebook page.


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